Life on roofs. Hållbara gröna tak.

Vi på ZinCo levererar ett brett utbud av innovativa och säkra gröna tak system. Vårt mål är att våra produkter ska hålla högsta kvalitet och bidra med både miljömässiga och ekonomiska fördelar.

Fördelar med gröna tak

Fördelar med gröna tak

Ekologiska fördelar
Ekonomiska fördelar

BIM Data

Här hittar du våra vanligaste systemuppbyggnader och produktgrupper som BIM data i olika filformat som passar dina behov.


Senaste pressmeddelanden

Intensive Green Roofs

The permanent establishment of lawns, perennials and shrubs, and even trees on roof areas requires a green roof build-up with a high water storage capacity, achieved with appropriate drainage elements, and a substrate layer of between 15 cm and 100 cm, depending on the vegetation required. Frequently, pathways, terraces, play areas or ponds are installed on intensive green roofs. The ZinCo system build-up “Roof Garden” with Floradrain® FD 60 neo provides a permanently reliable base for all of these different types of design.

Pitched green roofs? Certainly!

Extensive green roofs are easily established on roof pitches of up to 35° provided the special features of the roof are taken into consideration: greater shear forces, faster water run-off and varying exposure to the sun in a North-South location. ZinCo has created a technically perfect detail solution that also has the optical advantage of creating a “slender” roof edge.