Protectodrain® for underground garage roofs does more than just protect and drain!

Protectodrain® for underground garage roofs does more than just protect and drain!

Press release, 15 July 2011

Given the pressure load of  250 kN/m² at 10% compression, driving a wheel loader on Protectodrain® is not a problem.

Underground garage roofs are ideal for a variety of uses in an urban setting. They allow for the enhancement of the landscape architecture of our inner cities thanks to their structural strength.

The more complex the installation on these roofs and the more sophisticated the design, the more important it is to install a permanently reliable build-up on the roof waterproofing layer. Any intervention at a later point in time could result in immense cost.

Therefore, with its new drainage board, Protectodrain®, ZinCo has developed a component that provides for standard drainage after installation, but already provides extremely reliable protection of the roof water proofing membrane during the installation phase. The highly-resilient Protectodrain® PD 250 board (pressure load approx. 250 kN/m² at 10 % compression) is made of ABS plastic and has a rubber protective mat attached. The all-round overlap allows for easy installation. In combination with plate connectors (available as accessories), the result is a uniform surface and absolute stability.

Protectodrain® is, of course, spade resistant and wheel loaders can be driven on it. Consequently, it is ideal for efficient front head installation of the substrate after a system filter has been installed. In addition to considerable handling benefits on-site, there are enormous logistical savings given the pallet unit of about 150 m², the light weight of about 5 kg/m², and the size of the boards at 25 mm and 1 x 2 m.

Last but not least, Protectodrain® can be easily recycled.

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