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  • Green roofing: the topic for the future! 24 November 2022

    People need sound ecosystems to live in. The catastrophic flooding that occurred in Germany in the summer of 2021 is one of the most painful experiences that will accelerate a change in attitude among policy makers and within society. And, it is not before time. Decisive measures aimed at adapting to climate change, which involve the creation of a liveable green and blue infrastructure, are long overdue - even though the technical ways and means are here already. As regards integrating green roofing, ZinCo notes that there is often a lack of awareness of the various greening options available to us today.

  • Artistic roof garden accessible for all 04 October 2022

    950 trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, climbing plants, flowers and grasses across a roof area of 495 m² on a 400-year-old building – the design of the roof garden on the Valletta Design Cluster is as rich in detail and artistic as the entire infrastructure project in Valletta, Malta’s city of culture. The Design Cluster is the new heart of the artistic and cultural scene in Malta and the inspired roof garden is open to the public as a community space. The diversity of magnificent plants is in harmony with the elements wood, natural stone and water – all with the ZinCo system build-up “Roof Garden” as a base. A virtual paradise dedicated to relaxation, strolling and new inspiration.

  • Awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022 29 September 2022

    The combination of green roofs with tubular photovoltaic modules was awarded the GaLaBau Innovation Medal 2022. This innovative combination allows for lightweight constructions ranging from extensive green roofs to roof gardens.

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